EVERYDAY WE MAKE ART: On the Road w/ Chad Moore Pt. 2

October 03, 2012

Konichiwa! Chad Moore just sent us some great shots from his recent trip to Tokyo with Ryan McGinley & crew. Ryan was there for the opening of his first two solo exhibitions in Japan ; 'Reach Out, I'm Right Here' and 'Animals.' Check out Chad's snaps of the craziness that ensued.  


Chad Moore, photography, Ryan McGinley

EVERYDAY WE MAKE ART: On the Road w/ Chad Moore

July 26, 2012

Chad Moore, Ryan McGinley, and Chad's grandmother in Mississippi


Our man Chad Moore was just out on the road for a couple of weeks. He was in Mississippi working with Ryan McGinley on one of Ryan's annual road trip shoots, the results of which we can't wait to see. Here are some cool cell phone shots that Chad sent our way from down South. Can't get enough? Want more Moore? Keep your eyes on Glassine Box for the soon to be released Chad Moore book. In the meantime, you better get one of these before they're all gone...

All Photos By Chad Moore (except top one ... obviously)

Art, Chad Moore, mississippi, Ryan McGinley

EVERYDAY WE MAKE FRIENDS: feat. Leo Fitzpatrick

May 18, 2012

Photo Credit: Ryan McGinley 2003


Artist Leo Fitzpatrick is one of Downtown New York's favorite sons. People think of him as an actor, which he undeniably is. He is also one of New York City's most charismatic and romantic figures; a beloved Lower East Side fixture. Over the years Leo has become a creative force in the boites and haunts and galleries around town where his reputation as an artist goes unquestioned. Leo takes photographs and is a very adept collagist, and sometimes he draws and paints. Even though he is very busy, he's always generous with his talent.

Leo Fitzpatrick, Ryan McGinley


May 04, 2012

Ryan McGinley & Teddy Liouliakis
LenArt & Andre Walker
Brandee Brown
Donald Cumming & Johnny T
Ana, Bridgette, Drew & Jill
Gilles Larrain & Johnny T

Ryan McGinley, being the talented Artist he is, managed TWO exhibition openings on the same night and we were lucky enough to be there. We ran into a bunch of friends and Jack Walls took some Jack's Snaps (above). ANIMALS & GRIDS were the shows & they were at both Team Gallery spaces.

Photo Credit: Jack Walls

Donald Cummings, Friends, Jack Walls, Ryan McGinley