EVERYDAY WE MAKE MUSIC / JUST IN: feat. Drowners / Morrissey T-Shirt

February 19, 2013

A few years back Chad Moore made a bunch of these great Morrissey T-Shirts. They were a big hit and people still ask about them so Chad decided to make a few more just for us. Wearing the shirt here is fellow Morrissey countryman and singer of Drowners Matt Hitt . Check out Drowners new video by Pete Voelker right here ↓ and see them live at Pianos tomorrow night.

DROWNERS, Morrisey, T-shirt, video

JUST IN: Fabrizio Moretti's 'Hands-On' T-Shirt

December 12, 2012

Photo by Marcel Castenmiller

Here is a new T-Shirt by Fabrizio Moretti based on drawing he did at the GB offices last month. It's called 'Hands-On.' So here's a way to get Fab's hands on you. Make sure you grab the right size.

Fabrizio Moretti, T-Shirt