Neo-Poetry in the Face of Jazz

June 16, 2014

Last month, we had the privilege of seeing Jack Walls do a death-defying reading at Black & White. Check it out here. It's fucking awesome.

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August 03, 2012

Photo by Chad Moore


Here is our friend Sara. You may have seen her in trailers for her acting debut in Toad Road. Although she has received a lot of attention for her acting, we know her as Sara Anne Jones the writer. Below are a couple poems from her book Ginger Ale, followed by a new one she sent us last week. We think she's such a badass.


From Ginger Ale...



"You're something.." I said
Looking to my left
"Self loathing is a luxury
I don't always know
How you
Get away with it."
You just smiled
That holy smile 
And you
Made eye contact with the
cute latino girl
gazing at you from across the train.
We should all be so
When I am tired, I look like my Mother.
When sitting in subway cars, my Father.
When walking down 25th street, my Sister.
And when alone, no one.


The Latest...
A sleepwalking pair of twilight kids
Their breath shimmering like halos
Bought the village with their
Crimson high last night.
Now, the avenue is split
Half soldiers-
Half demons
A lucky few still sleeping.
And I, striking matches with all the
fans pointed at me like cannonball fire
Care far too little
Which one I will become. 

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